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Navigating multiple relationships is like trying to complete an infinite puzzle where all of the pieces are constantly moving. In polyamory and in parenting, people grow, needs change, and relationships continually evolve. This is especially true for children, who grow physically and emotionally at super-speed. Humans are not static beings ― and I love us for it. I used to think polyamory was the greatest adventure in intimacy. Now I understand that it was, for me, a training ground for the 24-7, full-contact sport of parenting.
What we Do?
Race, class, and gender dynamics matter. They affect each of us and have profound effects on our swinger lifestyle. In my experience, relationships don’t work well in the long run if we make oppression dynamics invisible. In my polyamory days, my partners and I practiced acknowledging each other’s intersectional identities and tried our best to always keep these power dynamics top of mind.
Why we Do?
At the time, it was the most liberating lifestyle I could imagine. But five years later, after navigating my fair share of dramatic break ups and having a time-intensive, full-time job, I found monogamy to be the approach to my romantic, sexual and family life that worked and felt best for me.
Our Philosophy
As comforting as cohabitation can be, the combination of more “couple time” (and in the cases of the couples who are now cohabitating round-the-clock couple time), high anxiety and stress, and a lack of outside socialization can be a bit of intense. What can couples do to ensure that their relationship can withstand all the pressure? And how do you know if a burgeoning relationship will last once life get back to normal ― or normal-ish
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Has your sex life been personally victimized by the pandemic? You wouldn’t be alone, if so. Social distancing, while important for stopping the spread of the coronavirus, has been a major turnoff in a lot of our sex lives. Whether you’re single and miss meeting dating and new people at bars or have a partner but things are getting a little boring in the bedroom (distance makes the heart grow fonder, after all), this might be one Prime Day purchase you won’t regret.

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